The 29th Symposium on Geo–Environments and Geo-Technics
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29-30, November 2019

Presented by

The Japanese Society of Geo-Pollution Science, Medical Geology and Urban Geology

Co-presented by

(NPO) The Geo-pollution Control Agency, JAPAN
Japan chapter of International Medical Geology Association(IMGA)

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Under the auspice of

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Topics of interests

Geo-pollution, Hazardous geology, Waste sediments, Medical geology, physiography, Forensic geology, Urban geology, Environment and transition of geology of water district, hydrogeology and groundwater basin management, Geo-microbiology and its utilization, geology and earthquake, Geo-hazard, Conservation of diversity of geo-environment and utilization, Agrogeology, Pedology, Long-term stability of geo-environment, Green geology, Geo-indicators, Hazard map, Database on Geo-environmental information, Anthropogenic sediments, Exploration methods of geo-environment, Educaion of Geo-environment, transition of geo- and earth environment, Geo-ethics, and other topics on widely related to geo-environment


The College of Humanities and Sciences, Nippon University
29-30,November - The Ovalhal, 3rd floor of Library


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